Vintage eBAY Sales

There was a time in eBay’s infancy when completed auctions actually showed seller, buyer, and final price. Every once in a while I captured a screenshot. Now 10 years later, here’s a tiny timecapsule of sales-gone-by.


Let’s start with FAMILY GUY Season 2.  Mark Dos Santos was a regular contributor for Inkwork; but when you take a popular cartoon, a marvel comics spoof, and a collector trying to finish this larger puzzle … you have lightning-in-a-bottle.


Star Wars 30th Anniversary (2007) was already hot … but Topps upped the ante by getting known comic book cover artists to contribute. Phil Noto has drawn more books than I can list. Even a minor character from him can sell over $200.


When Lord of the Rings Masterpieces (2006) came out, people lost their minds trying to get one of each artist. Each contributing artists was listed at a different “rarity” with different insertion odds. This is a Level D (1:163 packs) Jake Myler (300 total sketches).


I’ll leave you with a Marvel Legends (Topps, 2001). This Silver Surfer is ridiculously rare because it was not found in hobby boxes. This is a “Custom Cover” sketchcard only found in retail packs by Marat Mychaels.

If there’s a particular throwback set you want me to dig for, let me know. I’ll see what’s hiding on an old hard drive. Good luck collecting fam. — Find me on Twitter @Sketchcards


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