Studio Revolver package deal

Every once-in-a-while, a group of artists come together to make a “studio.” This is a shared physical location where multiple artists can share expenses, collaborate, and encourage one another.  In 2009, nine artists came together to form Studio Revolver in Atlanta. They wanted to create some buzz and create some art, so they offered a sketchcard “package deal” that hasn’t been duplicated again (that I know of) … for one set price, you could buy a custom sketchcard (on Studio Revolver cardstock) from each of the nine studio artists. You picked a single theme (ladies from Star Wars) or character (Buffy), and the studio did their magic.

They ran the promotion in two waves. I forget what the first wave cost, but wave two offered nine cards for $100. The nine studio artists were:

  • Georges Jeanty  (artist on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Dark Horse)
  • Tom Feister  (artist on GI Joe Origins for IDW)
  • Dexter Vines  (inker on Civil War by Marvel)
  • John Tyler Christopher  (designer of “action figure covers” for Star Wars)
  • Kevin Stokes  (creator of Shut Up and Die for Image)
  • Jason Pearson  (prolific cover artist)
  • Bernard Shepard
  • Casey Edwards
  • Tariq Hassan

Not all were strictly comic book artists. Here is a post from Tariq Hassan in October 2009: “One reason I didn’t have a lot of time this weekend was that I went to a showing of My Super Psycho Sweet 16 here in Atlanta. This is an MTV Films movies, and me, John Christopher, and Casey Edwards worked on the conceptual side of the film … I did the storyboards, and while I somehow got shafted in the credits (I totally wasn’t listed), it still was a fun premier, and I got to hang with the producer, the crew, and some of the actors … The movie is airing on MTV this week on the 23rd, and if you want to see snobby teenagers get hacked up, give it a look.”

In the end, Studio Revolver packed-up shop after a few short years. They posted on Facebook June 2013, then one last time more than a year later on September 2014. Their website is now defunct. Each of the members must have gone their own ways, but these two offerings were epic. My best guess is that they completed 20 total sets (180 total cards). I would love to see something similar again. — I met the boys a couple times at DragonCon, and commissioned a few cards (but never a full set of nine). Follow me on Twitter (@sketchcards), and I will share a few this week using the hashtag #StudioRevolver … Happy Collecting!



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