#SketchCardContest – Day 06

Contest info at the bottom. Day 06 Topic: Has a new first sketch card been confirmed?

The first four sketch card sets are usually considered as:

  • 1993 Simpsons Series 1 – SkyBox
  • 1994 Bone (by Jeff Smith) – Comic Images
  • 1996 Groo (by Sergio Aragonés) – WildStorm
  • 1997 Fleer Ultra SpiderMan – Fleer/Skybox

There has been lots of discussion if other cards should be considered in the same category of “first sketch cards ever.” For example: Ken Kelly Collection 2 by FPG in 1994 had sketches, but they weren’t cards hidden inside packs. They were more like box-topper incentives.

The Dark Dominion Zero Issue set by The River Group in 1993 supposedly had Steve Ditko Art Cards inserted 1:216,000 packs. But collectors universally accept that these were never packed-out. — But now we have a new trading card set for consideration: Defective Comics by Active Marketing. Here’s what the creators have to say …

This new story has been verified by the creators as seen in the screenshot above. Defective Comics trading cards by Active Marketing in 1993 had 500 Original Sketch Cards by Mark Voger in hobby boxes (inserted 1:4320 packs). Note: Hobby boxes are different than 50-card set boxes. — What’s super weird is that none of these Defective Comics sketch cards have popped up on eBay in recent years, but Bone & Groo sketches don’t pop up often either, so maybe it’s just a case of age & rarity?

So Mark Voger is now claiming to be the creator of the sketch card, and I’m not going to disagree with him. It sounds legit. His email is markvoger@gmail.com and he has an article about his story in Back Issue magazine, #120. — After 27 years, he wants to set the record straight. Now onto the contest:

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