3 sketch card facts for July 2021

… I can’t post as regularly as I would like right now, but when I find rare sketch card nuggets like these, I can’t help but archive them. So here’s three random sketch card stories worth putting in your back pocket …

(#1.) Colleen Doran is a treasure. Notable credits include: The Sandman, Wonder Woman, Legion of Superheroes, Teen Titans, and her space opera series, A Distant Soil. She has also drawn sketch card for Lord of the Rings Masterpieces & Indiana Jones Heritage. But what about her Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull cards? All her cards got lost in the mail more than a decade ago. Then they were recently found …

I have reached out to her on Twitter multiple times to ask what will happen to them (with no response). Here’s the crazy part … she has since deleted these tweets. Were the cards returned to Topps, or was she somehow threatened with a lawsuit? Were they sold privately? This might be the only saved image of these recently found cards, now lost again. This sounds like an actual plot of an Indiana Jones movie.

(#2.) A crazy-rare set of sports sketch cards came to market, and I was following along for the ride. A box of 2014 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Football Cards was not cheap (SRP was something like $500). Each box would yield (5) Autograph Cards Hard-Signed and (1) 2015 Rookie Base Card, and might also include a Quad Sketch Card Puzzle. By my math (thanks to Cardboard Connection) there was only 51 total Sketch Card quad-sets produced?

Okay, let me try to understand … there’s no single sketch cards, they ALL come in quad-puzzles, and one of the pieces was actually signed by the athlete represented on the cards? There are 17 different athletes, each drawn 3 times? — Well, I found a set for auction. Granted, this is probably the least-valuable subject and the cheapest these cards will ever sell for, but it helps me budget for the next time a set goes to auction.

(#3.) This final random story is something I need to do more research on … Dave Sim is a Canadian cartoonist and publisher, best known for his comic book Cerebus. In late 2020 Dave Sim launched a KickStarter to reprint Cerebus issue #1. Many of the reward tiers came with trading cards. Then I came across this on eBay:

… I lost out on the auction, but I have to assume this was part of the KickStarter based on the date inscribed. Were sketch cards one of the possible KickStarter rewards? How many were ever drawn? So I went digging on the internet and didn’t find a lot more information, but I did find one more sample:

… so these Cerebus sketch card are #9 in a series, but individually numbered up top. I think the first 8 in the set were standard promos available through the KickStarter project. Good luck if you’re a Cerebus fan. These looks like an incredibly rare find.

And there you go. Some cool sketch card nuggets I found in the last month digging around the internet. My goal is to archive as much information as I can find, and eventually collect one sample of every sketch card ever. Be safe & happy collecting, y’all. —

One thought on “3 sketch card facts for July 2021

  1. Getting one per set us quiet the noble goal, yet very challenging. It seems there is a new low-profile set coming out almost daily on Kickstarter/GoFundMe/whatever crowdfunding site.

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